Tuesday, June 18

this is one of my favorite
passages in the Bible:

"enter...you who are blessed by
my Father:

I was hungry and you fed Me.
I was thirsty and you gave Me   
    a drink.
I was homeless and you gave Me
     a room.
I was shivering and you gave Me
I was sick and you stopped to visit.
I was in prison and you came to

"Master, what are You talking
about?....."whenever you did one of
these things to someone overlooked
or ignored, that was Me....you
did it to Me."    matthew 25

watch today.
while you are shopping.
when you run in to get a cold
drink somewhere.

people..teeming ...
with needs.  the wounded.
"masses yearning to be free..."
there is a Savior.
and we are His hands and
eyes and heart.  He is ALL
about love.  so we must be.

i am out to change my world.
please join  me.
you and Jesus and i and love.

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