Sunday, August 18

"all to Jesus, i surrender.
all to Him, i freely give.
i will ever love and trust Him...
in His Presence daily live....

"i surrender all ..
i surrender all. all to Thee,
my blessed Savior.  i surrender

"Lord, i give up all my own plans
and purposes; all my desires and
hopes, and accept Thy will for
my life.  i give myself, my time, my
all utterly to Thee to be thine forever.
fill me and seal me with Thy Holy Spirit. 
use me as Thou wilt.  send
me where Thou wilt.  WORK OUT
AT ANY COST, now and forever."
betty scott stam, missionary

with God's help,
i surrender my life to Him.
my feet and His answer for their

i surrender my children, who are
His magnificent gifts to me. they
are my life.  my dreams come true.
oh, may they always know how
much Jesus loves them.  that they
are shaped for greatness in
His Kingdom.

i surrender jan, and her cancer.
i praise You, Lord, for all the victories these past six years.
and praise you for what the future
holds. i can surrender because
You are a trustworthy God.

because of Your awesome power,
i surrender my neighbors to You.
every potential opportunity to
love them to You.

i surrender
my comrades...
my fellow the Race
we must run.  to the mountains
looming ahead and the sorrows
You may ask us to walk through.

"glory, glory hallelujah..
His truth is marching on!!!!"

there's a sunrise for you
this Sabbath weekend.
watch for it.  i love you!!!   ann



  1. May the Lord Bless and Keep you May HE make HIS face shine upon you and May HE give you peace. I recieved a passage this morning and wanted to share it with you. Esther 4:14 I'm praying and so is my 14 yr old son Stephen. He just loves you to bits! Keep strong and trusting in HIM. I could use prayer for my car. It's not running right now,people are looking at it, so please pray it gets fixed. I can't afford myself to fix it..Have a Blessed u..........Kat