Tuesday, August 20

it's been one of those
days that doesn't fit.  where
i knew i was an inconvenient

i had my catscan on cd  to
deliver to my orthopedic surgeon.
on time. almost there when i
suddenly became filled with
anxiety, and pulled into a gas
station...to use the restroom.
instantly, there was a swoosh....
and diarrhea poured out of me.

the bathroom was only for
personnel.  i stood there..white
pants...in disbelief and utter
humiliation.  the salvation army
was across the street.  the
place where some angels reside.
crying, a woman led me to a

missed my dr.'s appointment..
went to Jan's to strip and wash,
but she was busy on the phone...
and i was in the way. an inconvenience.

"Jesus says, and we know that all things work together for good...
to those who love God and are
called according to His purpose."
romans 8:28

i know this is alittle raw to talk
about.  to have the entire market
stand around, staring at me....
and i can't move.   but..

if Jesus tells us it all works
for His good, then we must
believe.  even on crooked,
lopsided, seemingly misplaced
days we never want to remember.
we must just take life as it comes.
trust God and move on.


  1. Amen Ann...One Day at a Time!

  2. as you are our angel sent from God you have touched our lives and the mark u made holds great value to my families future. I love you Ann

  3. So sorry you had to deal with this.
    One day at a time, Sweet Jesus.