Friday, August 16

she's eleven years old.
petite.  wide-set blue eyes
and blond hair.  a little, stuffed
horse is always under one arm,
and her t.v. is  turned to
nasa.  this is bailey.

she is one of six children,
and her parents are recovering
addicts with me.  her mother, sarah,
is the one i've been taking to
doctors and hospitals.  they have
found a mass pressing against
one her uterus.

bailey and her parents were
leaving my house the other night
after school shopping when
suddenly, bailey, quiet and
reserved,  flew back in the door
and wrapped her arms tightly
around my waist.  i held onto her,
soothing her.  speaking quietly.

"i love you, darling."
"it was so fun shopping. that back-
pack on wheels, especially."

she didn't budge. her face pressed
into me. arms remaining locked,
behind my back.

"bailey, everything is going to
be okay, sweetheart."
she looked up into my eyes.
studying me...and held on harder.

"Jesus is with us, doll,
and i have complete peace
about your mommy.  i'll always
stay close to you. always."

i buried my face in her warm,
sun-soaked hair.  i kissed her
forehead.  one more earnest
look into my eyes.  one more
squeeze, and she was gone.  
one beautiful little girl.  fearful,
and needing reassurance.

one of my sons called tonight.
needing his own comfort. as you
know, when my children call,
my world stops.  all obligations
are dropped. forgotten.  nothing
matters so much as that son's
personal turmoil of the moment,
and God's power to bring peace.

this is a true picture of Jesus.
we are never alone with Him. we
run to Him, and He is always waiting.  
we nestle into His
powerful warmth and love,
and the troubled waters cease.

"and Jesus says, 'come to the
waters...stand by My side. I
know you are weary...  you won't
be denied.  I saw every tear
that in darkness you cried....and
I am here to remind you that
for your sins I died."

most of life is made up
of hard-fought battles, but
who would we be without
the pain and hardship that
draws us close to Jesus and
each other? our humanity is
what reminds us all who God
is and what we aren't without

"with the Cross of Jesus...
marching as to war!" 

run to Him today.
He is waiting for you!!!

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  1. Father has held me and comforted me just like that so many times.