Thursday, August 22

the beautiful, little family i've been with a lot...
trying to assist the ill
mother of six...
invited me to dinner
tonight.  yummm.

steak on the grill. watermelon.
real mashed potatoes. zucchini
and portobello mushrooms.  it
was really lovely. at 9:30p.m.,
as i drove home, a light
flashed on the dashboard.
something about checking tire
pressure.  what if a tire flattened
on a dark country road?  i was
alone. one gas station a road over.

Jesus is so magnificent.
opening doors for me to share
Him.  on days when i need and
i yearn to speak His Name.

"Jesus, please give me the
perfect person to help me."

a young guy is pumping gas.
big truck.  "sir, can you help me?"

another guy walks by.
"hey...can you go in and tell them
to turn the air on?"

he gets behind my wheel.
backs the car to the air pump.
pulls out a little flashlight.  grabs
the gauge. pumps perfect level of air in.   
two back tires.  job done.
for him, as easy as breathing. for
me, it might as well have been

"hey! i don't know if you know
Jesus, but i  love Him. i count on
Him. when i drove in, i simply asked
Him to give me someone to help."

"and nate, Jesus hand-picked
YOU.  here's a little cash...and thanks.
remember! God LOVES you! " his
smile is wide.  my eyes are shining.
it's all about that Name.

dance with me.
listen to the choir and the birds
in the trees and the oceans roar
as the tireless Lord of the
universe goes about His glorious
duties of the day.

and as we,
inspite of setbacks and hardships,
respond to Him.  singing our hymns
and watching...waiting....for every
moment Jesus gives us to speak
love and show mercy.   there is
a River...that never shall run dry.

come, Jesus, come..
run, River, run.

"the lines have fallen to me in
pleasant places; yes, i have a
good inheritance."  psalm 16

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