Saturday, August 24

i go to jan's
until her friend
flies in from cleveland.

tom is travelling with nash
to europe, where nash has
trained hard for a 50-mile
race in the alps. tom is the one
who planted the running bug
in all of us.  i'm praying for
nash (a gruelling feat).
august  30.

some people are created to run
long distances; others, sprints.
if we have knee problems, we
usually must drop out of at least
long-distance pursuits.

following Jesus is so much like
running the races.   it is never
a part-time effort.  it takes constant
focus and dedication.  we fall.
get lost now and then.  get pushed
and shoved.  hurt. sometimes,
there are injuries along the way.

but Jesus calls us...
to run and win.
to hold onto His joy even
when the wind and rain
are beating us..and pushing us
around.  to trust Him even when
someone pushes us off the
path when we get distracted.

fellow warriors,
keep your eyes on the course.
when it's extra rough, cry out
to Jesus. the Author and Finisher
of our Race.  always stop, if you must, to help a brother or sister.
in difficulty.  we are never to
focus attention on ourselves.
our faces toward the Son. the
breeze and sweet aroma of His Presence is what keeps drawing
us.  what is our joy.
when we fall,
we must get up.
keep the rhythm.
shut the noise
of dissenters out.

what a choir.
everyone running toward
the goal in Christ Jesus.
don't allow mud and rocks
to defeat you.

when we've finished our
course...and see Jesus face to
face...all our trials will be over.

Victory to the One who Is
and was and will forever be...

our Song and Hope.
no more sorrow. no more crying.
in the sweet by and by.
just you and me and Jesus.
our children who left us early
in our arms. friendships rejoined.

i'm thinking of
each of you today...
praying for you.

"it will be worth it all when
we see Jesus..."


  1. wonderful reminder! I love the analogy of running the race to win....Thank goodness sometimes He carries us!

  2. I read Sunday's post before reading this. Don't apologize for not getting it right--it speaks to those of us who needed it. Thank you for being so honest and forthright about your faith, and what you see as shortcomings. It blesses and helps.