Thursday, August 1

jan has not recovered well
since the meat was lodged
in her lungs. her white cell
count is dangerously  low....
and her red count isn't good,

i'm scared.
life without jan is
just as i know it's been
for all of you who have lost
children and mates and

please continue to pray for
jan.  "just as i am,
i come.  i come."


  1. Praying for miraculous health and healing to restore your precious sister. May the LORD's precious and strong presence be with you both and may HE be glorified and made larger in every circumstance..........loving you and praying.

  2. HI Ann.... I am sorry that you are all getting so attacked by the enemy. I pray right now that sickeness will go now from Jan in the name and the blood of Jesus Christ, she is not in agreement with you, she chooses life and not death! I pray for Ann that Lord you build her up right now and that fill her with your Holy Spirit and help her to choose life. She is here for your purpose! Give them all strength and Lord help and heal their emotions.. heal all of Ann and Jan's families. from the top of their heads to the souls of their feet. Heal their finances and help Ann's son not not be broke. Put the fire of the living God in all of them. I pray you send your fire from the Holy Spirit down upon all them right now and give them hope, strength, and love.... In Jesus' Name.................Amen Devil! Get your hands of Ann,Jan and their families now in the name and the blood of Jesus Christ!

  3. Praying for your sister, Ann. In fact, I prayed for her quite a bit yesterday and wondered how she was doing. I pray for strength for you too.

  4. Most definitely still praying.