Sunday, August 25

my fast, hurried, disjointed blog
yesterday was done with a good heart.
i so wanted to give you
something on a lazy, easy, saturday
morning that would inspire you
to pull on your running shoes of
life....and watch God surprise you
with answers to prayers, and glorious victories where you
needed them most.  

however, tom asked me to drive
him to the train station in sacramento..that would take him
into the city (san francisco)
where he would meet nash for
their flight to europe....and nash's
62-mile race in the alps. jan is
too ill to drive, and i'm taking
care of her some of this time.

i was sitting on my bed.  still in
p.j.'s. writing almost as fast as
a jet breaking the sound barrier.
racing.  heart in earnest as i said....
but the outcome was tacky...and
hard to follow. please don't judge
me. i had the blog posted before
reviewing it.  dashed to my car
in my p.j.'s. drove almost an hour
to tom and jan. and made it to
the train station in time.

it is dark outside.  jan's asleep.
and i had to find this blog (yesterday's) because i instinctually
felt it wouldn't be worthy of God's

i'm too sleepy to give you
what i want to share, but i will.
bottom line, the Race is all
about love.  God's beautiful heart
living in us.

today is the Sabbath for most
of us.  enjoy Jesus. lay your
burdens down.  sing and clap
and raise your hands in praise.
let's celebrate the easy and difficult,
knowing God is using it all to
build us in the faith...and help us run this glorious, difficult Race 
so that Jesus will be glorified,
and we'll cross the finish line
to the glorious City.

until later.
asking forgiveness.
i love you.


  1. Hi Ann! We met today at church...I was the woman taking your sisters registration for our Conference and my daughter is Michaela. It was an honor to meet you. Your books have been in my parent's bookshelves for as long as I can remember. Thank you for your example of what a Christian woman in evangelism and writing can do for the Kingdom. Be blessed...hope to see you again. In His Grip, Bonnie

  2. No forgiveness needed! I so appreciate your blogs. You are an encouragement to me!