Monday, August 12

first day of a new week.
long days stretched in front
of us.  bills to pay.  groceries
to buy. children back to school.
miles and miles to run. peace
to be made.  forgiveness to
seek. a message of Christ's love
to be delivered.   

and so the
journey goes. and  
mondays are my greatest challenge.
it's the organizing in my mind.
lining up appointments. calls
to make sure nothing overlaps.
mundane and tedious...and  a
discipline to the process.

i've made calls from bed. checked
on friends. made sure i start
physical therapy on my foot this
week.  all in pajama bottoms and
a simple, light teeshirt.  now you
know more secrets about me.

it's 2p.m...and i promised to
buy school clothes for tomorrow.
the first day of school. 
for a beautiful little girl that has none.

i don't want Jesus to catch me
being lazy in my worship of Him.
He is NOT a responsibility, but
the life-flow through which i move
and mark the gifts and blessings
and struggles of my journey. the
Race of life.  only as His power
flows through me can His love
pour over others.  only Jesus abiding in us makes our eyes
shine and our compassion reach
to all who pass our way.

there would be nothing.....
absolutely zip of value in me
without Him.

"if anyone thirsts, let Him come to me and drink.  He satisfies the
longing soul, and fills the hungry
soul with goodness." 
 john & colossians

may Christ and His grace make
us champions of His love this
week in a broken world.  i love
you and my life is beautifully
different because you are in it.

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