Friday, August 9

with all of life's struggles,
we mustn't forget ice cream
cones and s'mores. bike rides 
and swimming and baseball
games on warm, summer nights.  

laughter is magic.
my friend and i had a terrible
experience in the emergency room.
she was put on a bed in the
broom closet. 
her car just stopped in the slow lane of the freeway
going home. dead
she jumped out of her car, and began running down the freeway    
wildly knocking on windows,
begging anyone to push her car
over.  this may not seem funny
to you, but in desperate straits,
we ended up laughing hard.  forgetting   
how hard life is right now.

"let the beauty of the Lord, our 
God be upon us." 
"a  glorious church, not having
spot or wrinkle or any such
thing, but holy and without
blemish.  you are complete
in Him."  daily light

jan and i feel oh, so much 
gratitude. a result of all your.prayers and loving comments.  
you mean everything to us.

well...Jesus has everything covered, 
so take time to hug and rejoce in things of God... .  
a small child's face.  the smell of fresh flowers. 
the comfort of friends.  trust me,
i have to work at this, too.

"let the beauty be seen
in me. all His wonderful passion
and purity.  oh, Thou Spirit divine...
fill this being of mine...'til the
beauty of Jesus be seen in me."

a day to glorify our Lord. and see
beauty everywhere we look.

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