Wednesday, August 7

was graduation night
for our12-step group.  at
celebrate recovery.  joyful.  we are sisters.

we each were to give  a
2-minute, typed-out testimony
of our year's journey together.
our leaders are merciful.  mine
had not been turned in, and i
simply pleaded, "trust me."  i
sat in bed this morning, and in
ten minutes, wrote from my
heart to my head to the page.
then i called my friend, tere,
with shaking courage, and read
it to her to time. 1 minute, 30 seconds.

i had scrawled it on an envelope,
and took it to the stage to read.
a guy came up to me after small
groups, and said, "ann, do you
have some experience in speaking
to small groups?"

it was hard not to laugh out loud.
it's such a joy not to tell people
what i do...and just love the world
to Jesus.

the last two days,
i've been with a very sick
young mother.  urgent care and
the packed emergency room
of a hospital here.  yesterday, i
accompanied her to a private
exam room.  she is in my 12-step
group, and i really love her.

out of nowhere,
she blurted out that i was
a writer.  for her, it was showing
great honor.  i was horrified. the
female physician became completely absorbed with me,
and i was very embarrassed and
shy.  the one blessing..a beautiful one..
is that i was able to share
about Jesus.  i cannot imagine a
doctor being impressed with a
simple writer.

all four of my children called
today.  colson called while i was
taking a bath.  brock called from the bank.  
and taylor left a message
that he loved me and would call
this evening. 
brandt said he and jasmine were taking care of three of colben's cousins.  
oh, i miss that dollbaby of mine...and am so
proud of my amazing children. they
are everything to me.  have i told
you that recently?  smile.

tomorrow, i have an appointment
with my ankle-foot specialist, and i
am terrified.  the bone did not fuse
in my left foot, and i have lived
with such excruciating pain. i have
no words.  he is supposed to be the
number one doctor in this entire region, and he says it will require
another surgery where they remove
a piece of bone from my hip,  and use it for the fusion.

"my flesh and my heart may
fail, but God is the strength
of my heart...and my portion
forever."  psalm73:26

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  1. Good morning Ann! Congratulations on your graduation for Celebrate Recovery! I think i would have laughed also if i were you when that guy asked if you had some experience in speaking to small groups. If he only knew how many people you spoke to....:) I'm praying for your friend who is sick and of course for you for the right to be chosen and that God will guide and direct him as to what to do to correct your left foot. Remember, God has not given us a spirit of fear, but, of power, love and a sound mind! I have to go next week and see if my back is fusing........ I am not sure because i still have alot of pain in it........ I'm so glad the boys called you. You have good boys and you did a wonderful job with them! Please know that you, Jan and all of your families are in our daily prayers... love hope the doctor accepted the Lord............