Thursday, August 29

i saw the beauty of Jesus
today.  when a lovely lady
came to jan and me while
we were pumping gas.  she
had no money, but her eyes
were glistening.  when we spoke
the name of Jesus, the sky lit to
a clear, pure blue.  and we helped
her a little.

jan and i stopped at her
favorite little dress shop,
and we told the sales' clerk
that one could feel the warmth
of shining love when we reach
out and touch the fingertips
of God's vast grace .. 
and she said her heart yearned
for that.

i have been with jan
while tom and their son, nash,
are at a 60.2 mile race.  had
to call an ambulance for jan.
found out with latest catscan
that my bones did not fuse in
my foot so surgery is a must.....

"bless the Lord,
oh, my soul,
and ALL that is within me....
bless His Holy Name...."

"He has done great things...
He has done great things...
He has done great things..
bless His holy Name.."

we have been eating
chocolate eclairs.  and
pinkleberry frozen yogurt.  and
lots of gummy bears.

"But Lord, be merciful to us, for we have waited for you. 
Be our strong arm each day and our salvation in times of trouble."
~ Isaiah 33:2, NLT ~ Isaiah 33:2, NLT

if we don't cut back on sugar,
mercy will be our war cry.  smile.

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