Tuesday, April 3

i want , somehow, to paint a picture of my sons
so you can catch their hearts better.

brandt was invited to tyler's father's birthday.
they lived in a new house across from the school.
for days, brandt had been asking me about a gift
for this man.

"mom, the only two things i can think of that he REALLY
likes are bud light and cigars!"

"brandt, you are NOT taking him beer or cigars. it is not
even close to being appropriate. come up with something

this conversation went on and on. suddenly,
it was THE day. the birthday dinner. i'd completely
forgotten, so we stopped at the mini-mart at chevron
down the street. "brandt, get him his favorite candy.
beef jerky. something respectful."

"it won't work, mom. he ONLY likes bud light and cigars."
"brandt, people have very special taste when it comes to cigars.
we have no idea what he would choose."

brandt stood by the cooler. almost in tears. he HAD to take
something that would make this man happy. all this
conversation was going on and it never occured to me that
people would be listening.

"okay, brandt. get a bud light, and i'll explain this to tyler's mom."
he whispered, "mom, you have to carry it up and pay for it. pleasssse
don't let on that i'm just a child...and you're sorry. anything like that."

you have NO idea HOW hard it was to walk to the cash register
with this one can of beer. i have never even tasted beer in my entire
life. i don't like the smell of it. and what would the cashier think?!!
well...she had a smile on her face. obviously, she had overheard brandt's
and my conversation. shaking my head, i walk out the door with an
exuberant son. we drive to tyler's. brandt kisses me.

"oh, thank you, mom. thank you. tyler's dad will be SO happy!"
"brandt, ask tyler's mom to come here, would you?"

here came lorin smiling.
"lorin, i am horrified about brandt's gift, but he loves
giving gifts that he knows will make people happy. i so
hope you understand. he had so much love for your
husband, and i just caved in." she smiled. laughing.
she understood.

i want to know the path God has for me.
i REALLY want to make Him happy by my obedience.
to be silent so i can hear His voice.
and resilient so i don't toss in the towel during hard


  1. We live in a world where acts of kindness, gifts from the heart etc can be few and far between - your boy got another opportunity to see how other people live, their likes might be different then his upbringing but a-okay for adults to enjoy a beer now and then.
    It's a guy thing, Mom :)

  2. Anne, your writing is so beautiful and it sometimes makes me cry. (Like today) I've been reading your books since the 70's, and would always check the christian bookstore every few years to see when your new book would be coming out. If's been fun to catch up with you, and i think all this blog material you have been writing would make a fine book!
    I love reading about your life and about your sons. I have 5 sons and 2 daughters. My first daughter got very depressed when she turned 14. She was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, and their she saw kids who truly were messed up. Somehow, she got very skeptical and stopped believing in Jesus. I'm trying to love her and hope she comes back to God. She just turned 21.
    Anyway, thank you for being such an encouraging and brave soul. Love hearing how God provides for you, too. Praying for you!