Sunday, April 8

did the thrill of the Cross knock on your door
this morning? did the wonder of Sunrise and visions of
the old, rugged Cross pass through your minds? the
magnitude of the PRICE Jesus paid. did it catch your breath
just for a moment, and wash the dirt and muck and lazy disconnect
of your lives into sudden awareness of how lost you've really been.
how deep and broad and vast God's love is to clean you up,
and let you start over?
did you shout as the sun slowly lifted over the
horizon, and you let it absorb and cleanse and warm
the very pieces of you that had become cold and questioning
and dark.
"there's room at the Cross for you...
there's room at the Cross for you.
though millions have come, there is still
room for one (will never be too crowded....)
there's room at the Cross for you..."
(old hymn i love)

oh, it makes me want to dance.
to skip and laugh and trust and believe
and be carried away by this awesome, beautiful
reality. let's raise our arms and see the face of God
across the sky, and believe NO MATTER HOW much
our lives are screwed up, the Savior has it all covered.
completely hidden by the dark side so
Light can bloom in us in ways it never has before.

last week, as you know,
brock, my second oldest, flew me to dallas.
he lives with the guitar player (of his band) and
adam's mother. brock on the couch at night, and
i slept in the band room on a futon. adam's mom is a
widow, a single mother like me. blessing me. she's
a fantastic cook. and she is the only woman
salesman at a very large nissan car lot. thirty or so guys
try to push her around, but there isn't even one co-dependant
bone in her body that i noticed.

i gave her "Jesus calling", the cleanest, litlle devotional book
that i LOVE. so she's reading it every morning, and told me
today that since she started on "Jesus Calling", she has sold
two cars on thursday. two on friday. and two on saturday.
Jesus throwing out the life-line to a beautiful person who has
only known much sorrow and struggle. i'm thrilled she and her
son love brock so much.

let's make every day Easter.
let's celebrate the deliverance it brings.
all for Jesus. all for Jesus.
every morning and hour and afternoon and
day committed to being ALL for Jesus by His power.

love each of you. love your comments.
deeply touched. they feed me courage and
boldness and strength. please pray for the little
korean lady at the dry cleaners. i KNOW God is
counting on me for her salvation. we've nurtured
a beautiful friendship because i take all my dry cleaning
to her. who in your world do you need to build a bridge to?


  1. dear ann,
    i caught my breath at the line about God counting on you for the lady's salvation. surely He does not expect you to carry that burden! only He can save, we can only be links in the chain He uses. that He wants to use you, I can agree, and pray for you, but that it is "up to you," please don't do that to yourself!
    love from someone who's "been there"

  2. Dear Ann, I thank you for your conviction that you are the path to the Korean woman's salvation. Your words make me more aware of my surroundings...who can I touch with the gospel today? You are loved. Write, write, write (please).