Sunday, April 22

phones are beautiful, hand-designed
little gadgets that you can carry in the palm of
your hand.  or stick in your jean's pocket.
in california, we are not allowed to talk while
i was just beginning to punch the button and
call jan quickly when i saw the officer, across the
street, and i was messed up bad!! $300 for the ticket.
i'm still paying $25 a month on it. sighhh.
forgive me for whining yesterday.
i found a LITTLE, old telephone in a drawer,
and all it does is dial-out numbers, or pick up
calls.  i just have to have phone numbers close by.
i've been thinking
HOW much we miss things when
we lose them.  we jump out of beds.
run down the side-walk.  pick up our cell phones.
all the time, really not noticing how blessed we are.
in fact, i don't think ANY of us TRULY appreciated things
enough until we lose them.
it's time for ANOTHER mammogram?
another physical?  i what?!!! can't play in this
inning because i just got a little bruise on my
arm?  yes, whining and lazily frowning because we
can't do what this morning seemed so normal.
my husband used to say, and i don't think
it was original with him, but it impacted me:
if we lost EVERYTHING we have today, and suddenly,
tomorrow, get everything back,  wouldn't we enjoy
and be so much more grateful than we are today?!!!
when i can't find something,
i always start thanking God because He can see
EVERYTHING.   every rain drop.  every grain of sand.  and...
whatever it is that i feel certain i need.  though i didn't
think much about it a few minutes ago.
every swaying willow.
the sun soaking into our skin as if
it belongs there.  the tide rolling in, and
out.  a cool breeze.  when we REALLY need one.
to look into the faces of those we love, and always blown away
by all the beauty and magnificent  hearts they possess.
my children are such good sports.  they allow me to
write about all their struggles, rather than tell you about
all their achievements because they,too, have learned that
is what helps them and others.
be GLAD!
grab a hand here...and another behind you.
kick up your feet. dance. laugh hard, eyes shining
because life really is such a magnificent adventure.
and today, i join you in standing tall. looking everywhere and
letting your joy show.  let it roll around on your face. make happy
sillouettes against the back-drop of a clear sky or pouting, dark clouds.
that tomorrow........or this afternoon....
what we just expect...and enjoy..might never
be there again.  but then,
also remember that even in the deserts of our hearts,
God promises we will laugh again.  that He will ALWAYS
raise beauty out of ashes even when we've forgotten to
thank Him for what He has done this very moment.
i love you,  ann

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