Friday, April 27

it was a large crowd.
a mass of people in a big auditorium.
i spoke a very simple message about Jesus and me
and love.  sharing stories about my neighborhood.
singing little songs.  everything about Jesus. glorifying Him.
oh, i am passionate about all God can do through
ordinary people of strong faith.  
Jesus is ALL about love.
the prostitute.  the blind man.  the fishermen.
the gay.  the struggling and broken and all
who cannot see any way out of the holes
they have fallen into.  usually by choice.
keep remembering this as i tell you
this story.  God's love can shake a mountain
and deliver people through the red sea.
i had signed books for almost two hours
afterward, and was getting weary.  each person
was very significant to me.  my "detail" there to
protect me took each of my arms, and told ALL the
others that i was done for the night.  i kept turning
around and saying, "i'm so sorry.."
as we started to turn a corner in the building, i turned
and saw a young woman.  completely gothic.  everything
black.  tattoos as i recall, and piercings.  can't remember
all the details, but she was definitely from a sub-culture.
i was instantly drawn toward her.  she was alone.  apart
from the rest of the book line.  and i knew it had taken ALOT
of courage for her to be standing there.
and  hugged her.  i said, "i love you...i really love you.
and so does Jesus."
and then, i was out. 
and that was years and years ago.
still single. ALOT of years ago.
last year,
i received a letter from this
girl's parents.  they had tried to find
me several years.  they wanted me to know
what had happened to their daughter since that night.
within a week, she was signing up for school.
she graduated from college.  married.  became a mother
of four.  and today, is commited to Jesus and working in
their church.
beautiful as a towering redwood.
precious as a newborn.
miraculous as crushing goliath
in one breath.  all and only what a
great, magnificent God can do.
the Blood of Jesus. running down
the ridges and alleys of our hearts.
covering and protecting our reckless
behavior, when we get lost.
the Blood that never runs dry. 


  1. That shows that just a few words can make a huge difference in someone's life...especially when Jesus uses those words.

  2. Thanks Ann and also thank you for writing back to me when i lived in NY. Jesus is what it's all about and without HIM i can't do anything! I love your simple message. Some people try to make it so huge and i have found that just telling people that we love them no matter how they act or look that they so appreciate simplicity instead of brow beating. Nothing is impossible with GOD! Havea blessed day Ann! Love you...........