Friday, April 6

mom, remember how you've always taught us that the way
a person looks on the outside is NOT what really matters?! that
life is all about the heart?

yes, brock, i remember. but thank you for reminding me.
sometimes i weave off the center of the road, and fall off the
edge. and have to climb back up to where TRUTH really lives.
and afterall, what God really considers important.

brock's girlfriend is beautiful. quiet. petite. and brock says
she has treated him better than any girlfriend he has ever had.
hands down. no exceptions. i liked her immediately, but
was struggling with one thing: she is a tattoo artist. tattoos
are not my favorite thing. you know, where they SHOW everywhere.
i sat, looking at brock's beautiful, unmarred arms, and just
settled then and there that i was going to love him the same. and
kristie, too. good-bye to judgement and worrying what others think
and , "won't you regret these some day, honey?"

no more comments.
just acceptance and pure, untarnished love.
because, after all, i REALLY DO believe that "out of the heart come
the issues of life...."

brock, you've got it, honey. the REAL deal.
thank you for challenging me to live up to all i believe!

i had an unforgettable time with brock. tornadoes, and hail the
size of soft balls, and humidity, too. i met his best friend there. adam.
and adam's mom, gloria. i fell in love with both of them. and it was
all a gift from brock. i knew i'd really cry when i told him good-bye.
i tried to hold it until his van was out of sight.

colson and taylor will come next week.
but today,
i am stilled. quiet. thinking of what this day (good friday)
really represents. and then the clouds will be lifted. and Light
will shine into our deepest parts. and oh, may Jesus find me worthy.
not perfect . not together...for all the world to see. but in my core,
at the very center of me, known and seen only by God Himself,
may my heart be beating steady. steady. easy does it. running
the Race because Jesus died for this. He calls us to this. running
to win the battles through His power.

whatever your battles today ,
remember that Jesus died just for those. and you. and He will ultimately victorious in the Cause that
darkness will be made light, i love you all. continue to read your
comments. to feel warmed and blessed and deeply moved.
we are His soldiers and warriors in this battle called ife.
never ever give up. every Easter reminds us that Jesus is STILL
the Light of the world.. He is winning the cause for righteousness.
and Light will shine on our faces.

radiant and resonating His Peace and His deliverance from ourselves.
have an Easter that will bless and glorify the One Who lived it out for us.

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  1. Both my daughter and son have tattoos. Nothing subtle about them and I grieved deeply with those first additions to their bodies. My son reminded me that from dust we come to dust we shall return and that the tattoos are artistic expressions of how he feels on the inside. Well, what could I say? I'm a nurse, I've seen birth and death...and to dust we shall return. Now I look at their tattoos with deep thought so that I might understand the depths of my children's feelings of who they are or want to be.