Sunday, April 15

it comes as a whisper.
a very quiet urging.  a calling.
relentless with love.  just think of
how beautiful it is to live with relentless love
from Jesus.  moving through.  always travelling with
us. that whispering. 
"come, follow Me..."
"count the cost...."
"love Me more than your father or your mother.
 more than anything."
"there's room at the Cross.."
"confess your sins..."
"no one is without one."
"when you do it to the least of these...."
"do not despise this small beginning..."
"trust Me with alll your heart..."
"fear not...."
"all things work for good..."
"He is faithful..."
i read a man's words:
"i'd rather be a the House of God..."
to put someone's hand on the latch that opens the
door for Jesus to come in.
there's the little, petite dry cleaning lady who speaks in
halting english.  she's korean i think.  hugs me....
"i am so happy when you happy...."
can she understand my English?  is she buddhist?
i just keep loving her.  asking God to show me how to
help her open the door.  i kiss her each time.
my son's best friend's mother in dallas.
i gave her "Jesus Calling".  she reads with her
coffee every morning.  when she started, she sold
two cars that day.  two cars the next day.  and two the day after.
Jesus is whispering.  patiently, quieting knocking.
i love my world.  i love those around me.  i want them to
know Jesus, too.  i'm dreaming.  believing.  listening.  watching.
are you?  are you seeking the lost?  are you smiling..such a small,
simple gesture.  such a burst of love for someone.  grabbing
someone's hand.  squeezing it.  throwing your arms around someone.
seeing they are troubled.  saying, "i know it is going to be okay.  whatever
it is, it is going to be okay...."
let's keep running with Jesus.  holding on to every thread of hope
we can.  trusting.  bowing.  yearning.  more of Jesus.  more of Jesus.
this is our earnest plea.


  1. I just wrote about following the quiet whisper.You and I are on the same page and I love your so encouraging words.Running with Jesus,indeed.And keeping the Sacred Face always in my mind.I love your blog and thoughts and a tiny whisper led me here.Thank you for writing.

  2. Thank you for sharing your sweet words. I don't smile like I should... doesn't come naturally for me as it does for you.