Saturday, April 7

people don't talk about the Blood much
anymore. preachers don't have alot to say.
but the BLOOD is what following Jesus is ALL about.
nothing BUT the BLOOD!

washing our like crimson.
transforming our hearts to white as wool.

"how precious is the Flow
that washes white as snow...
NO other fount i know..
NOTHING but the Blood of Jesus..."

an old hymn i love.

in the dark streets of minneapolis and boston and new orleans...
the dark places that sin lives, shout it out: NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD

with all the secrets that have wedged themselves into the very fiber
of our families for centuries...NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD OF JESUS.

where darkness thrives, and greed and evil, NOTHNG BUT THE BLOOD

EVERYTHING is ALL about the precious Blood of Jesus!
the POWER . the Blood is the power. bathe in it. claim it.
for yourselves. your wayward children. those hard-pressed on
every side. it is all about the story of the Blood.

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