Thursday, April 26

i've complained so over my cell phone.
i'm on a plan with my two oldest children,
and we are breathless, waiting for july to
come so we can get better phones.
last week, i dropped my phone.
grabbed the back piece, put it back
together, and suddenly began to wonder
why i couldn't get the phone to turn on.
even after hours of charging.
my neighbor, who can fix just about anything,
took a look at it, and solemnly asked:
"ann, where is your battery?"
my battery!!
oh, no. i thanked God over and over,
knowing He can see it even now.  wherever
it is.  but i grabbed a little, almost worthless
phone i had in my drawer.   it tells me there
are seven messages, but refuses to help me find
them.  no texting.  no beautiful picture of my grandbaby.
But i've learned a very important lesson.
to STOP griping about my cell phone.  it is true.
we never appreciate anything until we lose it.
today, i got out of my car at the doctor's office. dropped
the phone.
grabbed this silly little phone, made sure the battery
was in it.  put the back on....but couldn't get it to
turn on!  i was standing there, so frustrated.  now
what?!!  i suddenly looked up, and a young guy
was sitting in the passenger-side front seat, playing
around with his cell phone.  right next to my car!
"hey, can you help me?  i don't know how
to turn this cell phone on?"
he took it.  smiled.
and instantly turned it on.
not a second of thought.  as
fast as a new york minute.
i have four sons who can do the same.
i thanked him so much, and started to
walk away, when it dawned on me that God
had orchestrated this very moment.  i went
back to his window.
"i know Jesus had you park right
here for me.  i don't know if you know Him,
but He sure knows you!  He hand-picked you
to help me."  and i smiled into his eyes.     he
said "wow"...and that was it.
remember, God is always putting
people in front of us because they need HIm.
keep watching.  alert.  tomorrow is another day
for us to keep helping Jesus change the world.
no encounter is too small.  God knows the whole
story, and all He asks is just for us to love others
and remind them that Jesus really lives.


  1. Wonderful story.Who knows what affect this will have on that young man.Thank you and pray that I will have the courage to do the same.

  2. a super reminder to be bold, ann! thank you. ♥

  3. I love that you went back and told him that! I remember in one of your books you shared how you had sung to a cab driver. :) I never thought I would be able to share Christ with others when I first read your book 22 yrs ago. Today I can share, but not on my own strength and it never had to be on my strength anyway, I just didn't know that.

  4. The past few days I have had several conversations with various friends about evangelism and how I am not an evangelist. I attend a Biblical University and am looking forward to being a part of the "real world" again. I want to live among unbelievers and have the opportunity to share life and Jesus with them. I also need the courage to share Jesus.

    I actually just finished having a conversation with a woman about all of this and she reminded me that God has us in seasons. Right now my season is to gain an education where He has me.