Sunday, April 1

i think i should tell you about brandt
next. our last baby. such a sweet-heart!

taylor was 3. brock was 2. and
colson was 6 mos. and we wanted
colson to have a playmate, too. a beautiful
birth mother from the south flew in, and we loved
her. as did the other three birth moms! they were
a part of it. and soon, again...

will and i were in the delivery room
when brandt let out his first cry. they laid
him next to his birth mother, and then, she handed him
to me. pushing a baby into the world
is no small thing. brandt was a beautiful
baby. black hair. 8+pounds. we let out a
sigh. our family was just the right size.
God had smiled on us.

he taught colson how to fall out of their cribs
at 6 mos.! putting him and colson to bed for naps
was a challenge. taylor and brock loved going to bed.
and waited until i went and got them. not colson and brandt,
and i was pretty sure it was all brandt's doing.

today, brandt is 23. tall. massive shoulders and arms
from hours and hours at the gym. all my children am i...
addicted to what the gym can do to clear our heads and keep us
strong. as a fire-fighter, in the air force, this is a part of their
regimen. i just remind brandt NOT to slug anyone because
it could be dangerous. he leaves for afghanistan may 3, for
six months. my heart is broken.

he is married to jasmine. almost three years. she, also, is
in the air force, and just one of my favorite people. they have
a good relationship, and when they delivered my first grand-baby,
i just lost it over this little, tiny boy. colben william anderson.
he paints all my walls with sunshine. i just never knew what
a grandbaby could do to me. he was born on thanksgiving day, 2010.
and we were all in the delivery room. except brock in texas.

tomorrow i will tell you more about my treasured, youngest son. like,
for instance, he ACCIDENTALLY burned down a house. and stole some
little lighters from long's drug, only to confess to me later. i, now being
the mother AND father, called 911 and said i needed to report a theft.
it was a VERY long night. taylor took all the pictures.