Wednesday, July 4

another divorce in hollywood.
beautiful couple. wealth. the whole
picture looks like perfection. but,
what once looked so idyllic, has crumbled
and broken apart and ready to be dissolved.
tom and katie cruise.

the word is out that katie doesn't want suri,6,
under the tight scrutiny of scientologists.
i wondered when that was going to swim to the
surface. at first, katie was madly in love with
tom. scientology and all. to have the top scientologist
go with you on your honeymoon seems overboard,
but this is how it all started.

our lives can appear so sealed with joy and celebration.
my father, a minister, often said the wedding is a couple's
highest peak, but more often than not, it eventually begins to
crumble. seep and disintegrate. in america, every other
house, is a single parent house.

it is sort of like flowers that bloom and die.
seasonal. fresh, and then begin to wilt. gone
until a new season or when someone cares enough
to keep picking the stems so new ones can live.

life is complicated. it grabs us almost before we leave
the baby bed. and teases our sincerity and laughs at
our inadequacies. at least it has with me. i received a
call from a dear friend, and he is a spiritual giant. but he
was pretty down and ready to check out. i've been there
alot in my life, and i think of life like running and skipping
across the caverns that put us in frightening situations.

maybe most of you have been free-falling like me.
grab a cup of cool water. toss your head back and
swallow every drop. raise your eyes to the skies.
look into the face of God. and know.
yes, completely know down deep in your core,
that Jesus NEVER tosses us out...and in all His
comings and goings, never forgets us. passes us by.

"there is a river....
that flows from Calvary...
there is a fountain....that NEVER shall run dry."
author unknown.

i'm heading for the gym to get tortured and cleansed
and more stenghthened for this journey.

have a beautiful july 4.
wish my children could all come home,
but their phone calls brush across my heart
with such joy that i KNOW no one can be more
blessed than i.

and thank you for all the responses
to my blogs. thank you for sticking with me.
your kind words you send are just absolutely
breath-taking. comforting for my sore places.
genuinely, thank you.


  1. Red rockets of joy and gentle sparklers of peace all throughout your day, Anne, as we celebrate the freedom Jesus has lavished upon us.

  2. This is so encouraging that you brought tears to my eyes. Thanks Ann! Because of you I realized that i really am not "dead" inside. I actually cried about something... Have a wonderful day and Be Blessed!:)

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  5. Mmmmmmmmmmm, I agree with the first two comments completely, and I'm thinking how much I appreciate the good that is done when public personas share their pain. Public as in Christian writers sharing their failures or public as in the Cruise family falling apart. And I'm thinking how much I am more and more aware that our God is near at hand, not suffocatingly close like a Scientology guru on a honeymoon, but closer, somehow and way more attentive. Painfully so... Thankful that I am learning this in the ins and outs of my daily world and learning, that he loves us ENOUGH to allow us to live through our pain enough to learn its lesson until we get it and get it well, and to go through it with us, completely exposed ... Thank you for sharing your pain. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your marriage even though I know it’s tough. I remember idolizing you so much as a young girl (and making an idol out of marriage) and somehow this is healing and necessary for me to hear. (Sorry I had to delete this TWICe B4 it posted properly!)