Thursday, July 19

"behind all the accomplishments and radiant,
stellar performances lived my gouging heart
of pain. somehow i believed that if i could be
smart enough and find some gushing notoriety,
i would finally become whole and complete...i was insatiable.

today i understand that i was never
enough before best-selling books and
standing ovations. thus i was not enough with them.
eternal glory does not equate with a peaceful,
integrated, healthy, and whole life.

thus it is a glorious thing when God sets
someone free. i know because He did this for me...
free from myself. from my self-loathing
and gaping insecurities."
quote from my book: seduced by success

glorious God.
beautiful and miracle-working.
people long for more wealth. for a
bigger house and a fancier car.
things! all kinds of fancy extra's.
i genuinely yearn for more of Jesus.

the One who set me free from myself.
the rough-hewn cross. the mocking and
spitting and making fun of the ONLY One who
crawled to golgatha. a crown of thorns on His
holy head. my heart is set on Him. He makes
being a warrior the finest job assignment

march to His music. listen to His songs.
see the sun and know it's His warmth.
laugh and notice and clap and celebrate.
dance against the evening sky. and ALWAYS
know He is ENOUGH. He is the ONLY one
worth following. our Liberator. until He touched
my core and delivered me from my seeking, i
was all mixed up and lost and absolutely
looking in all the wrong places for the things
that are worthless.

search until you find Him.
i did, and He changed EVERYTHING
in my life. He set me free. oh, glory.

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