Sunday, July 1

have just watched as jerry sandusky,
of penn. state was convicted on sexual
abuse of little boys, and will spend the rest
of his life in prison.

no more drive-throughs to get a milk-shake.
or home-cooking or a stroll in the park with
his wife. and on and on and on it goes.

i'm not a pollyanna.
some, until they know me, may think
i'm shallow and cutesy in my passion for
Jesus. or wildly ignorant that the world can
be changed. that we CAN...yes...CAN make a
difference for Jesus. that our
neighborhoods are full of troubled, lonely
people just waiting for someone to hand
them hope. a promise for tomorrow. love.

no, not a pollyanna, but a dreamer.
undaunted. unfearful. determined....
and running this Race of life with all
the faith in the world, that because of
Jesus, you and i and love CAN change
the corners where we live.

just want us all to remember that sin
still exists. ugly and nasty. that sandusky's
sins were unveiled by courageous, little
boys who testified to the truth. and that we
all need to watch. and stand firm. and bow
before our holy, awesome God for grace to
follow the Cross and help fulfill His mission
of love for the world.

so....just in case you thought i am a pollyanna,
i wanted you to know that God's love isn't weak,
and neither do i believe we who dream with God
are. have a blessed day! ann


  1. Love it! Be Blessed Ann and sleep well!

  2. Just keep being yourself and trusting God's love for he world and you'll finish STRONG. We all need more love for the world and especially our neighborhoods. Thank you Ann for your daily words. Always an inspiration to me.