Sunday, July 15

another Sunday is about to pass.
WHERE do these days race and shove and
beat out time? i love the Sabbath. my
favorite day of the week. was married
on a sunny, Sunday afternoon.

a fresh week.
will i be enough of God that
others will see the shine in my eyes,
and know He really lives and loves.

sometimes i am afraid of dreams...
and of the world. that i will not be
strong enough. that it will be over
my head, or the burden will crush

life is only as powerful as its moments.
a great life is not the result of alot of
money...or smashing success. it is
great only in terms of how many significant
moments there have been. most people
forget the moments, and strive only for
great success.

i hope i remember the moments. every
morning i wake up with a i've
done for years and years.

"Jesus, i'm just ann. make me creative.
give me ideas for my corner of the world."

it's almost seven p.m., and i'm in my
work-out clothes. to do the best i can.
so many who don't know Jesus. so many
that need Him.

"in a race, everyone runs but only one person
gets the first prize. so run your race (of life)
to win. to win the contest, you must deny your-
selves many things that would
keep yourselves to keep you from doing
your best. an athlete goes to all this trouble
just to win a blue ribbon or a silver cup.
we do it for a heavenly reward that never
disappears. so...i run straight to the goal
with purpose in every step."
second corinthians 9:24-26

have a beautiful week
with your heart on your sleeve.
your back straight. your faith


  1. Sometimes it seems like such a struggle to even start the race because i feel so defeated. I wake up thinking to myself,"oh, i'm still here"... wow, and i get stuck in see all the impossibilities in myself instead of seeing what is possible if i just keep my focus on the Lord and not on circumstances around me......... You have a great week and Godspeed!

    1. beautiful and so grateful. remember, kate,
      we are all broken. we all struggle. but Jesus
      makes strength out of our weakness.

  2. Keeping our eyes on Jesus...we run the race, some of us go slower than the rest. Jesus is still the one who helps us run...sometimes we even get help from a faster runner...sharing each others' burdens. "So let us run the race set before us, looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith."