Saturday, July 7

katie holmes may be divorcing tom cruise
after five years of marriage and a child
together, but we know that Jesus is NEVER
going to divorce us. never going to walk away.
never going to tell us that we just aren't
cutting it.

God picks us up when we fall.
He feeds us when we are hungry of soul
and food and compassion.

Jesus doesn't fight with us.
no. never. He infuses us with His vast
love, and plants dreams in us when we
long to matter; to
make a difference. and
if we never give up, Jesus makes dreams live.

God sometimes has to discipline us out of
love, but He watches as we sleep. smoothing
our wounds. wrapping His love around us
so that, in time, He can raise us up again.
with more power and strength that He can
use in a hollow, broken world.

Jesus is a perfect fit for our lives.
and nothing can ever change that unless
we walk away. and, even then, yearns
to bring the prodigals Home.

let's just decide
to follow the Lord of the universe.
decide to choose His will even if it
is contrary to ours. what we think is the
very best plan is only counterfeit to what God
has for us.

today is our hour
to run harder. with more earnest
compassion. and to love all those
who pass our way.

paint the sky red.
grab somebody's hand.
let the breeze blow against your face.
and know God with an earnest devotion
that He merits. keep dreaming. shoo the devil
away, and rise to what He is calling us to.

Jesus reigns,
and we know because the choirs
are singing and the children are dancing
and everything smells like joy. just never, ever
forget that God doesn't divorce us no matter WHAT
we have done. no. never!

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  1. Thank you so much Ann. The past two Blogs have spoken to me loud and clear. How I wish we could just sit down over a cup of tea and share share share. Love you, Bonnie