Monday, July 16

this is a true story from way back.
an experience i've always tried to live out,
even after all these years.


when i was in southern california, i received a call one morning
to speak on a large high school campus. the man said,
"we're a secular high school campus, but we've heard quite a bit about you...and we were wondering if you could come to a special assembly and speak to all of our athetes early some morning...."

"sir, i said, "i would love to, but i can't even catch a baseball. what would i have to say to the athletes?
thank you very much for asking me anyway." well, he thought it might kind of give a boost to the athletic department.
then, suddenly, i thought of my motto: yes, Lord."
to anything He asks of me anytime, anywhere. i said, "alright,
i'll do it. i don't know what i'll say but i'll be there."

and at 7:30 friday morning, through pouring rain, i drove to oliver high school campus. i walked into an auditorium that was packed: the football team. track team. basketball.
they were all there. i walked to the front. picked up
the mike, and couldn't think of anything to say except,
"hi, i'm ann. i'm a nobody. i'm lost in a big world, but
i'm going to change my world. you watch. you'll see.
because i believe in the kind of Christ that loves me."

when i finished, two of the football players came up and said,
"ann, that was just great. tomorrow night is our championship game. every year, we play for the title. and someone else wins. no team has been able to beat them. all the odds are against us. but you think you could come and talk to the
guys a few minutes right before the game? it might inspire us?

by that time i was beginning to feel right at home with the athletes. i said, "yes, i would like to do that." but it so happened that several faculty members were standing there and they said...."uh, miss kiemel, that would be impossible. we're afraid you have forgotten that this is a secular high school campus. this morning was a very special assembly."

i love the word 'impossible." ...because i have a giant God inside me. i turned to the quarterback and said, "take me to the coach." i was sitting in his office when in walked the biggest man i'd ever seen.
ex-pro football player and ex-professional wrestler.

"yeah, what do you want?"



  1. I love how when you say, "Yes," good things happen. I learned it from you.

    Some years ago, my church was dying and in terrible disrepair. I had an urge from God to fix up one of the rooms with a little paint. I got one of my friends to help vision what the room would look like and we began. That weekend project turned into a two-month major renovation, where congregants and the community donated time, supplies and gifts. Our church began a long and blessed period of growth. When we say, "Yes," to God, amazing things happen.

  2. gail.....i loved your comment.