Wednesday, July 11

it was my second year to run israel's
marathon. 26.3miles around the sea of galilee.
i had brought seven girls with me, and my
road guy because he was a marathoner, too.

the miles moved quickly, and almost before i
knew it, i had crossed the finish line in wonderful
time. jan's husband was the one who got me
started running.

before we headed home,
i wanted all of us to be baptised in
the sea of galilee. looking up a church
in the hotel directory, i called and asked
the pastor if he would be willing to come.
absolutely! so in very cold weather and
icy waters, we stepped into the waters.

"let's each pick a song we want everyone
to be singing as we are being lifted out of
the water."

my song was: "freely, freely you have
received...freely freely give...."

the sky was flawlessly clear. fishermen
were casting nets in the distance. just as
they had 2,000 years ago. the sun streamed
against the silvery, blue waters.
warm on our heads and
necks. we sang a few songs and began to walk
into the chilled waters. i was last in line.

wet heads. cold, shivering bodies. fast-beating
hearts. i said,
"when i come up, sing "freely, freely
you have received. freely, freely give....go in My name,
and because you believe, others will know that i live."

continued tomorrow . . .


  1. awesome.................can't wait to read the rest..........................have a blessd day !!!!!!!!!

  2. Ann - what a priceless memory. I feel I am right there running with you around that beautiful Sea - running with and for Him.