Saturday, July 28

what is it that makes a runner
a runner for life? i mean, it gets down
in your blood...winding clear into your
bloodstream....and the pumping of your
heart, and others can tease you....
and wonder what the deal is, but
you are hopelessly stuck. you and
running are in a love affair for life.

today, i headed for the gym.
drink in hand. hot day. needing
running shoes....but after bowing, and
telling my Partner i REALLY was counting
on Him to talk to me today, i pulled
on my headphones, and was running
before i realized that they were showing the
new york city triathlon...on one of the t.v.'s.

yes! yahoo!
i began to salivate
with excitement as the
swimming started...then the
biking...and finally, the 26.2 mile
marathon that ended in central park.

memories. my eyes swam in wonder
and excitement as it took me back years ago.

my friend really wanted to
qualify for the boston marathon in new york.
we met in the city. we decided i would jump in
at mile six. cindy would not break pace. i simply
would step in and we'd keep going.

it was one of those dreamy, clean-scrubbed
days. cindy and i were going to give it our BEST.
and new york! how much better could it get?

after all, she met me in new orleans a couple years
before, on a frigid day, where that marathon was
almost completely run on the ponchatrain bridge.
i was attempting to qualify for my first boston,
and cindy met me on the 15th mile, wind howling.
she clocked my time, and i miraculously ran across
the finish line with two minutes to spare.

now, it was my turn to help her. though i had
already qualified for two boston's, cindy was really
the athlete of the two of us. i was honored that she
chose me to help her. in the end, she tired, and it clipped her
pace. though not successful in qualifying,
she ran with me in the upcoming
boston. no number, but all heart, and we found
each other where runners were roaming around.
at the end. tired and spent.

tell me a story.
tell me that life with Jesus pays.
tell me that in success and defeat,
there is still a flag to be waved. and love
to be lived. tell me that Jesus still puts dreams
in our hearts, and if we never give up, they LIVE.
tell me that even though i can't do what i once did,
memories can still play, like records, in my mind.


  1. Memories, for me, can be both wonderful and heartbreaking. There is a quote from Dr. Seuss that says "Don't cry because something is over. Smile because it happened." (I teach first grade so the quote speaks to me.) I have to remember to thank God for my past rather than wish to go back and make the memoires again.
    I have a simple story about Jesus and dreams. When I was younger I always wanted to direct the sanctuary choir at my church. I directed the children's choir and the youth choir but ALWAYS the pastor's wife directed the choir. I had the degrees and some experience but ALWAYS the pastor's wife automatically got the position. Time passed, life happened, depression, forgotten
    dreams. Suddenly, three years ago, new pastor, not a musical
    family. Out of the blue my long forgotten dream came true. I had forgotten that dream but GOD haden't. God never forgets.You never know what amazing thing may happen tomorrow. In my prayers.

    1. what a beautiful story!!!! love, ann

  2. Twenty-six years ago on July 20, tired and forlorn,I asked the Lord what to do about my fatigue.I worked full time, commuted and was raising four children.He answered with one word,"Run." I ran a mile and have been jogging more or less since.It was a Gift from God to me.I will be 70 next year and still feel like an "athlete".I understand.And am glad for our "addictions."

    1. loved this! we are kindred spirits! love you...ann