Wednesday, July 18

today is july 17, 2012.
my sister's youngest son
turning 28... he walked away
from a cushion job in san franscisco
into the streets with the homeless.
he couldn't bear to think of the broken
with no one to genuinely care about them.

i love my little devotional book by sarah young.
Jesus calling. simple and pure. engratiating.
"learn what it means to be a child of the
everlasting King. your richest duty is
devotion to Me. the ways of the world
have warped your conscience, which punishes
you for doing the very thing that pleases Me
most: seeking my face.

be silent and attentive in My Presence. you
are on holy ground."

"hallelujah, i have found Him.
whom my soul so long has sought."

Jesus, do you hear me? can you see me?
i'm standing under the massive sky and gazing
at the stars. what a world. what a Savior.
come, Jesus. touch us. teach us. make us
more like you. oh, i'm so hungry. starving.
for You. do You hear us calling? we are
here. quiet. waiting.

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  1. Yes, I love Jesus Calling. Amazing how He speaks to each of us so personally. He is such a wonderful Savior, Friend, Comforter...