Sunday, July 8

have you ever had one of those days
when it feels twisted and frustrating?
when your brain can't seem to patch thoughts
together, and even your typing on the
computer is a messy process? hitting
wrong keys that keep the smooth, fluid
flow of a message being, instead, mixed
up and difficult to understand?

well, that is my story about today.

finally, i picked up my purse and computer
and bank stuff to work on, and left panera's.
i drove across the street to the grocery store.
picked up my synthroid script (thyroid), and
became glued to the new magazines at the
check-out counters. all with pictures of tom
and katie cruise and the holes in their marriage.
i'm not afraid to say that, yes, i love reading
people magazine once a week. filled with
stories of people.

the only time i refuse to even browse through
an alluring magazine is when it is all about weight
loss. i've never had a weight problem, but so
many do. it would really hurt me if i felt judged
and evaluated by my size and weight.

on these days, we need to especially ask God to
make us creative in doing something for someone
around us. it is amazing what God can do
with a messy day. i'm listening.
really carefully, even if the world is a
very noisy place.

can you rearrange my thoughts and painful
places today? can you, somehow, use these
moments to create beauty out of chaos. i know
You say that your best work is accomplished
in our weakness. Lord, i'm weak. come,Jesus, come.


  1. I think Jesus is attracted to our chaos. He came to make chaotic things right, so He's ever there, awaiting our welcome into the abyss of our mess.

  2. Hi Ann, have loved reading your works for decades. write solely about your struggles, your bad days, your challenges day after day after day. Do you ever have a good day? Perhaps you could write about one of those sometime and lift us up out here?

  3. Wow, another day of speaking directly to me. Even my praying seems twisted and mixed up. My thoughts are muddled and all over the place. Lord, I too am weak and need you in a very special way. Thanks Ann for sharing. Love you,

  4. Ann, thanks for always being honest and transparent. Today at church we sang Matt Redmann's song, "We Can Change the World." I thought of you. It could be your life's anthem. If you haven't heard it yet, here's a link to the lyrics.

    Thanks for staying in the race. Run strong.