Wednesday, July 25

jan and tom have bought a beautiful,
new home. even with an elevator.
beautiful and lovely and jan is in
deep, deep depression. she HATES
the mechanics of moving.

i know this is hard to understand, but it
always makes me smile. tom has had to fly
her to friends' across the country while he has
done all the moving, and she returns with it
fixed. well, another move and such trauma!

she called at almost midnight.
"ann, you know what we don't want
to take, right? you can pack the kitchen?
oh, honey, i'm out here on the couch (whispering).
i don't want to make tom sad, but i don't know what
happens to me with a move. remember, mommy
had to come and move me out of my dorm room.
there's a block, somewhere!"

this morning, my phone rings and jan says,
"i think i'm dying. i really do, ann."

"but, honey, you were happy day before yesterday,
and excited about my artwork and the decorator a few
days ago....."

"i know, but this morning it feels like death. ann,
you could make alot of money if you'd come help pack
the kitchen and my things......" (of course, i will!)

well, you all know i would do anything for jan.
just about anything on earth. but brandt is being
sent to puerto rico (firefighter....air force) and we are
having a little cook-out for him and jasmine and the baby
on saturday. next week-end, i am taking the train to monterey
to spend the week-end with taylor. we will have so much
fun. now, amidst all this, tom and jan's BIG move has knocked
on the door. and darkness hovers close by.

what scares you? what makes you want to run for your life?
remember. to pray. that is sometimes the last thing i think to do.
oh, i have prayer in my pocket for BIG stuff, but jan's move and
brandt's tour and colson getting off at one a.m. every morning,
and having to run three miles in a forest and darkness? well,
these are times we usually wring our hands and wind around
the clocks in our minds and just plain worry.

"pray always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit...." ephesians 6

i'll let you know when jan and tom get IN.
furniture in place. food on the shelves. clothes hanging
in the closet. i think this will be their last move. smile.


  1. Don't know why Jan has that problem but maybe has to do with uprooting her roots??? Guess the Lord know what it is about and what we are to do is pray and trust/ trust and pray...He is a good heavenly Father we have... (Are you running three miles in a forest and darkness? I will pray for you.)

  2. Ann - God has had me in Psalm 91 to reassure me that He is guiding me safely through these times in my life - enemy pounding and trying to hunt us down. He has no right and no way in as we rest ( even when running ) under the shelter and refuge of the One who loves us enough to trust us to trust Him. Amen.

    Love, Love - ( that's one "Love" for Jan )
    Lynn ( Severance)