Tuesday, July 31

follow Me, Jesus says!
to the grocery store. keep your
eyes open for mothers with little children
and for someone who glances at you so you
can return it with a big, warm, utterly-accepting smile.

follow Me, Jesus says!
down the sidewalks and side streets and
over by the skate park. is there anyone I am
showing you who needs Me? a warm comment.
a visit with a waiting parent?

follow Me into mcdonald's.
so many teenagers. and alot of
families, too. every parent LOVES
a kind compliment about their children.
children LOVE some attention and kindness.
and often, someone is sitting in there because
they have no place else to go.

i met a woman like this
at a mcdonald's where my son, colson,
worked. oh, it was quite a long adventure
with this lady. many stories i could tell you.
but i, in the maze of it all, was able to lead
her to Jesus. we were in pizza hut. she
was hungry. and when the pizza was placed
between us, i told her all about how Jesus
takes us WHERE WE ARE. over pizza, the
gates opened, and she asked God to come in
and live with her.

and i didn't even want pizza.
my dinner was at home, cooking, for my
children. a quick encounter.

so much can happen
in a split moment if we are listening,
and watching, and bold enough to be
love right where it's needed and where
Jesus sends us. when we are LOVE then we are
Jesus in the world. His hands and feet and arms.
we are all He has, and miracles can live because Jesus does.
everywhere you go, remember.

today, remember,
"you will seek Me and you will find Me
when you search for Me with all your heart."
Jeremiah 29:12

where is Jesus leading you next?
what are you earnestly searching for?
seek with ALL your heart.

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  1. Love you, Ann... I was so ugly last nite and went on and on in a rant on FB. I read your blog this morning and melted at His feet. Thank you for the gentle reminder of how I want my heart to be.