Saturday, August 4

a friend wrote me this quote
by tullian tchividjian. billy graham's grandson,
with beautiful parents that i happen to know.

"Jesus plus nothing equals nothing."

it takes Jesus plus love.
Jesus plus one.
Jesus plus the Cross.
Jesus plus you and i and love
and dreams.

we are all Jesus has to work with.
His arms and legs and love and forgiveness
and hope. we are Jesus where we live, and
that is everything.

and it takes
Jesus plus sorrow. and
Jesus plus loss. and
Jesus plus shattering
losses and obstacles and failure
before His power really shines through.
before we really get a strong grip on His love
and His Blood and His Sovereignty.

for the Cross and
for Jesus who paid the Price.
and the Blood that washes all
things white as snow.

hallelujah, amen.


  1. Yes! Thank God that HE is still there for us after all the let downs and hard times we give HIM, thank God that HE will never stop loving us and will always be there, no matter what. I don't know anyone else who would die for me, or just be there 24/7 for me and not complain about something.. Hallelujah...

  2. Ann, I Just read about this quote in a book by Sheila Walsh called God Loves Broken People. She shares the story by Richard Wurmbrand in prison and how they bless "nothing" for their communion, as they literally had nothing to eat. It's a great chapter about would love it. If you get a chance read this book and this story.
    Love you and I read your blog faithfully...they are always just beautiful.