Thursday, August 16

debt collectors.
they just have a way about them.
have you noticed? they start out real
friendly and apologetic, and when you
don't cave in and do exactly as they suggest,
they begin to threaten you. and if that doesn't
work, they hand the phone to another person
who is even tougher and more forceful.

i received one of those calls about a bill
from the root canal dentist. if i didn't pay
$300 by friday, then my account would just
acrue more and more interest. in fact,
a voluminous amount. and then, they
wanted $175 a month for six months...
with an automatic withdrawal from my
cky. account.

"please stop being so bossy. i am doing
the best i can," i replied.

not good enough. i don't know how debt
collectors get paid, but they must have very
exciting incentives to clean people out of
every quarter and dollar they have. finally,
i didn't, i didn't appreciate..these two
pushy, threatening people, and said i would
call back friday. that really flustered them.

in Heaven, everyone will be loving and sweet
and respectful and joyful. in Heaven, we won't
have anymore bills and collectors and fingernails
to chew on; no cavities or shots in our mouths
or car accidents or people who hurt our feelings.

doesn't that sound yummy?!!!
laughter and pure joy uninterrupted by honking
horns and nasty gestures and people giving us
dirty looks if we aren't moving fast enough.

and i'll never have to worry again about a big
van flying through the stop sign and hitting me with
such force that i flipped and rolled. in Heaven.
what is it really like? i'm just so thankful today that
Jesus kept me on earth for awhile longer after my
narrow escape last week. living is such an adventure.
even with debt collectors and cavities and impatient
people. and battles on every side.

"yes, be bold and strong! banish fear and doubt!
for remember, the Lord your God is with you wherever
you go." joshua 1:9


  1. Your faith inspires me and has for a long time...God will bless you .....

  2. Ann, Everytime you speak through your precious pen, God touches so many. Your Words cheer us on, even when life and circumstances and the enemy tries to pull us under, discourage or distract us- Keep Shining for Jesus and I pray many will support you financially. Even with a one-time gift that God can multiply. Ann's counsel to me through her writing has been priceless- better than many counselors and pastors! How about you?? If God has blessed you through Ann today or many times- and you feel God is giving you that nudge today-Obey his voice- Ann shares so lovingly and transparently, just because she so loves Jesus and all his children. Bless Ann today with a gift from your heart knowing the Lord will provide for you.

  3. I agree with Jody. Ann you are a daily blessing and i should also support you. Thank you for all your wonderful messages!