Friday, August 3

years ago,
on a dark, late night,
with children asleep,
God gave me some beautiful words
of love.

zechariah 4:10

"do not despise this small beginning
for the Lord smiles to see the work begin."

the small steps away from myself toward Him.
the simple hope that the sunrise was coming.
His joy that i was receiving His healing from
my addictions to performance and praise.

life is about small beginnings.
i had to learn to run a mile before
i became strong running ten; and ten
before i could run 26.2 miles.

a baby takes one or two steps
before he learns to walk ten.
and he speaks one word before
he can conquer fifty.

a husband and wife have to
take little steps before they can
really trust each other in certain
areas of aboding distance.

we have to learn to accept turning
forty years old before we can face fifty.
before we can keep working to accept the
increasing lines around our eyes. and
until we are seventy or ninety, every day
is a small beginning. with something.
and faith starts as a grain of mustard seed.

and love may begin with a handshake.
then honest talks. then confessions and
forgivenesses and hanging on to each other
or the wood of our souls to stay together.

remember small beginnings.
count them as significant and jewels
to the future of giant leaps and wide
reaches. Jesus just wants to see us start.
and He will take us,
step by step,
from there.

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