Thursday, August 9

when life happens to us,
things we never expect or prepare for,
just do the right thing.

a baby?
we are not married.
have big dreams. are
strapped financially.
just do the right thing, and
give this tiny, new life a fighting chance
to change the world. give this baby life.

being deployed?
for a long period?
now and then, you get time off,
and all the guys go off-base to a bar.
drink too much. forget the rules. maybe
that you are married, and a few cute women
gather around you? remember your vows.
do the right thing for God and your
family. stand apart when it is hard, and you
are lonely. time will pass and you will be so grateful
you did. God is the Rewarder.
if you are a recovering addict or alcoholic,
and you just want to shut the world out,
do the right thing. run. flee. call a friend.
go to the grocery store. and ALWAYS, always,
look for someone….anyone God puts in your path…
and give your life away.

sir, can i tell you about the greatest thing in all my life?
little boy, can i play ball with you?
ma’m, can i take your hand?
walk with you? listen to your troubles?

we just need to do the right thing.
and almost, without exception, the right thing
is the hard thing.

share love as warm as the afternoon sun,
and as clean as the sky at sunrise.
be the morning star and the evening peace
with all those who pass your way.

and remember
that God is the Rewarder,
always, of deliberately choosing
the right path and the narrow road.
He NEVER forgets to bless us in ways
beyond our comprehension.
way, way over and above what we can
imagine or hope for.


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! I need to read this entry everyday. This so spoke to me. Thank you so much. Beautiful writing. Love and prayers.

  2. On a nudge from Holy Spirit, I googled your name. I have every book you've written and framed cards with words from your books. I'm so thrilled to know you are still speaking words of wisdom and sharing what Abba is doing with and for you. Hugs and prayers.