Sunday, August 26

i lie in bed and sing,

"as the deer panteth for the water
so my soul longeth after You. You
alone are my heart's desire, and i long
to worship You...."

"You alone are my strength and shield.
and to You alone does my spirit yield.
You alone are my heart's desire, and i
long to worship You."

a tear will slide down my face.
my heart will calm down.
Jesus is my Song. my morning Star
and evening Sky. Jesus is everything.

as warriors,
may we long for Him.
yearn for His presence.
hear His voice. and run
for the Goal. may all our hopes
and dreams be wrapped up in our
devotion to Him. the Savior of this
broken world and our struggling lives.

as warriors, may we always remember
that this is His Race, and we are here
simply to serve Him. to worship and bow
down. in humility and devotion and love.
and to finish the course.


  1. Amen,amem,amen! Have a blessed day.

  2. Very encouraging words.

    I recently read the works, "All that matters is the glory of God." Or something closely to that effect.

    It is true. Everything is for His glory.

    Coram deo!