Saturday, August 18

i saw the sunrise,
and fresh joy and peace
covered all my doubts and fears.
as if Jesus walked into my room.
sat on the edge of my bed....and
pointed to all the papers stacked up
re: bills and the accident and my children
and what about another car?....and
He smiled at me.

and suddenly,
i knew again that He is the God of
the impossible and difficult and complicated.
He is the Lover of our souls. all the corrupt and
doubting and anxious parts. He is mighty, and no
one and nothing can harm or touch us unless He
allows it. and if He does, it is because there are
lessons to be learned and hearts to be humbled and
places where we need to fall on our faces and cry
out for more of HIM.

cry out and pray and listen and stop and
slow down and reach beyond ourselves and
our troubles to His powerful promises. to others
who are hurting. to the mountains that He can
level and the oceans of kindness that He pours
on us every single day.

"Lord Jesus, i long to be perfectly whole.
i want Thee forever to live in my soul. break
down every idol, cast out every foe. now wash
me and i will be whiter than snow."
(part of an old hymn)

today, Jesus wrote a song across my sky.
He opened my eyes and made me look at myself,
and understand that victory comes by praise and
thanksgiving. He led me into pools of warm, clean,
living waters. rain running down my heart and spirit
and cleansing me of doubts and shame.

today, Jesus put music
in my pores and soothed all my
sad memories and made my eyes shine.

Jesus paid it all.
every piece and particle
of our lives and imperfections.
He paid with His Blood, and
His Blood will NEVER lose its power.


  1. Sometimes we don't have enough strength to throw ourselves on Jesus, so just collapse on him where you are. Jack Miller

  2. Ann - I am so encouraged that you had such a day as you describe - sunrises and songs melting into your pores and remembering Whose we are.

    It encourages me, too!

    Hugs -