Wednesday, August 29

hear the drums.
the marching bands.
the excitement of the crowds.
the joy and promise of a future and a hope.
that dreams can live and troubles can be
turned to blessings and music can still the
noise and rowdiness of our lives.

i hear the celebration
of all those who have been touched
by the vast love of God. an armload
of groceries delivered to your front door.
someone willing to watch the children in a crisis..
a car that pulls over to the side of the road when
another car is obviously having problems. ask
Jesus to use you. to help you build the strains of
symphony wherever you go. in big moments
and small. making the world a better place for broken
lives around you.

still no car.
i wonder what God is thinking?
for today, i just need something to
get around in. i want to buy from an owner.
nothing fancy. but power locks and windows.
mechanically in tact. please pray for me. for
this car. that i will happily accept whatever
God gives me.

my identity used to be wrapped up in the kind of car
i drove. can you imagine?! i just knew people would think
i was more important if i had a cush sort of car.
i started with porsches and mercedes,
and ended up driving beat-up old vans that will would find at a
bargain. pitiful cars. no air conditioning in 107degree heat. once,
brock, colson , brandt and i crawled into an old van, heading
for one of taylor's basketball games. when i turned it on, the
entire front end, under the hood, fell to the ground. dropped onto
the asphalt. in one big lump.

well, today, my identity is completely in Jesus.
i have none. i am of no significance apart from Him.
absolutely none. may i be able to see this truth for
myself as i accept whatever God thinks i need to drive.


  1. Our vehicle has no power locks, no power windows--but it runs. I'm grateful for that. It could definitely be worse (and, in fact, has been worse). Abba knows what you need. He will supply.

  2. I drove a used car for 14 years. It had well over 200,000 miles on it. It got to the point I knew I needed to find a car. I have to travel a long distance to work everyday. I prayed and prayed and prayed that God would help me find the car that I should have. Many days of thinking where is my car......then one day the Lord had it ready and I knew it was the one when I saw it. I had done my prior research. It too is a used car the best kind and I love it. I thank Jesus often for that car. I can't wait to hear how Jesus will help you in this situation. Even now working on that special ride for you! Bless you Ann!

  3. thanks for your kind words re: my car. i'm
    believing with you....and i love you very much for
    all your concern and prayers for me. love, ann