Friday, August 17

God says we are to love the Lord
our God with all our soul and strength. (deut.6:4-9)

this is how we are to remember:

write it upon our hearts.
talk about the Lord when we sit at home
with our children. impress Him upon their hearts.

talk about Jesus when you walk along the road.
and when you lie down, and when you get up.
tie His love as symbols on your heads. bind His grace
on your heads. write His laws on the doorframes
or your houses and your gates.

we are to see Jesus in the trees that sway in the
afternoon breezes. in the sky and across the stars,
and in every face we look into. Jesus is written in the
eyes of hurting people. His arms reach out to the broken,
drug-induced man in the parking lot of best buy. feel His
hand on your shoulder. His kindness as He speaks. and....

EVERYWHERE you go, when you wear Him,
the world is touched. lives are changed.
and your city and town and school and church and
neighborhood will never be the same.

Oh, Lord, i love you. i do.
i never see my children without putting the sign
of the Cross on their foreheads. and sometimes,
they reach back and put the Cross on my head.

how great is the love of God!!!!
how magnificent and majestic is the very
sight of Him on others faces.

"He lives. He lives.
Christ Jesus lives today...."

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