Wednesday, August 8

i have known a few people that seem almost
perfect, and then, those, like me, who slug it out
in the dredges of cold, hard battles of the soul.

love is the pure link. the pathway from wearied,
wayworn travelers to hope. untarnished and un-
altered and covered, wall-to-wall, with God’s
promises. i don’t know anyone who isn’t struggling.
whether you have millions and the world applauding,
or you are fighting, every day, to stretch the money.
and keep your children intact. maybe your marriage
is a battle, or you are alone, and yearn for someone.

gratitude is the heavenly choir.
counting ALL our blessings. naming them.
giving praise. we tend to never value anything
enough until we lose it.

i stopped at the restroom at the amtrak station,
waiting for my next train to taylor’s, and noticed
that a woman was having difficulty getting out of the
stall. i could see a part of a wheelchair, and i asked
her if she was alright, and could i help her?

“oh, i’m fine,” as she got the door to open.
“i am diabetic, and a nail poked my foot,
my entire leg turned to gangrene. they
amputated and have just adjusted me to this
prosthesis that i’m trying to adjust to.”

well, i smiled into her eyes.
“you are a very courageous woman.”

“i’m going to see my grandbaby. can’t
stand being away from him for very long,
so i find a way.”
a grandbaby!
well, i know all about the love and
devotion between a grandbaby and a
grandma. yes, i do.

one of those great blessings.
babies don’t notice if we are young
or old. all in one piece or put together
by modern science. they love us if we
love them. so…..

whatever your battles are today,
celebrate the gifts. remember that the
road called holiness leads us down dark and
glorious paths. thanksgiving is the secret.

“let your requests be made known to God,
with thanksgiving…..”


  1. Wow! This is such an important reminder. Beautiful writing.

  2. Gratitude: so crucial!