Saturday, August 25

i read the line of a song:
"could we live like Your grace is
stronger than all our faults and failures...
so could we live like this and shine in all
the world?" (matt rodman)

it is evening.
car lights are turning on.
stores are lit from the outside.
i can look out and see the breeze
bending limbs. and every day,
at its close, i've been working on not
focusing on things i didn't get done today,
but on the one or two or three things i DID

as i kneel at night,
i'm painfully aware that it has not been
a perfect day. that i have sinned in word or
thought. that i've not taken the debt collectors
on,and once and for all, settled my payment
plans and pushed them off my back. i know
i could have given more. run harder. faster.

oh, the Blood of Jesus.
it covers all the things left undone.
forgives all the discrepencies. washes
away our fears and self-loathing and doubts.

"what can wash away my sins?
nothing but the Blood of Jesus.
what can make me whole again?
nothing but the Blood of Jesus.

"how precious is the flow
that washes white as
other fount i know...nothing but the Blood
of Jesus." (old hymn of the church)

each night,
may we all forgive ourselves for
all the shortcomings. for all the things we did
in earlier years that we wish we could undo. may
we remember we are all strapped with jagged, glaring
failures and humanity, and may we lay it all down
at the feet of Jesus. just lay it all down.
roll our burdens off our shoulders, and lay them down.


  1. Oh Ann:
    Each morning you greet me in my inbox. You encourage me as I sip my coffee during what has been one of the hardest times of my life. Beset on all sides, the winds pummling from different directions making it hard to keep my eyes on Jesus. Knowing of the raw edges of your life helps put those in mine into context.Each day I remind myself that He is enough and that He has provided enough for today.
    Today another fever is dogging my heels on the journey. But His cooling hand comforts me in my life with chronic illness. May the certainty of His Presence sustain us!

    1. i'm so terribly sorry for your chronic illness. i love you, and know we are to make it only one day at a time. i'll be praying for you. xoxoxo

  2. One of my favorite hymns...Nothing but the blood of Jesus! Thank you for the forgive ourselves even as we forgive others. Forgiveness and the redemptive blood of Jesus take us the next part of the journey.
    May your day be blessed and may you recognize your blessings.