Monday, August 6

every night, around 8 p.m.,
the t.v. goes on and i begin to
watch the olympics.

phelps with a silver instead of a gold
in the breast-stroke. the girls' gymnastics
team winning the gold but only after jordan
missed out on a chance to win a personal gold.

tears on the young, fresh faces of these GIRLS...some
15 and 16...russian and polish and american....when
they've spent their entire lives for these moments and
mess up somewhere. if i had never trained for a marathon....
and that is JUST a marathon....but i never woud have
understood the endurance and ups and downs and
wins and losses and injuries and all it takes to become
a strong athlete; to say nothing of the best in the world.

sports teaches grace under wrenching pressure.
poise when the worst happens. tears later, but
not in front of the audience while the performance
is in progress or just concluding. a stoicism,
seemingly, but behind all the bows and and waves,
are human hearts. insecure. unsure. wounded. often
laden with family issues a world away.

with a war cry and
often tears shining in eyes.
hands held. hugs. alot of isolation.
self motivation. and running the Race
to the end. because not everyone wins.
run, warriors, to win the battles of life.

and remember,
you are not alone.
we are ALL the same behind bone and
marrow and skin. broken, needing grace.
weak, yearning for strength. running, and
yet, stumbling. sometimes angry and unforgiving
and confused.

Jesus, our Partner, understands it all.
always forgiving. always, even out of seeming
defeat, raising us up. don't lose heart. we are in
this glorious Race and Heaven isn't far away.

"do not despise these small beginnings;
remember the Lord smiles to see the work begin."
zechariah 12

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