Friday, August 10

be kind.
to the noisy neighbors.
the children across the street.
the slow check-out person at the grocery
store when you are in a big hurry.

be kind to those who are ill-tempered
and work at being miserable to everyone.
to the owner of the barking dog, and
the guy that just slammed into your rear

be kind to the screaming baby on the long
airplane flight, and the three-hundred pound
man who accidentally stepped on your foot. be
kind to those who are not exactly nice at all to you.
and to those who are the least attractive, and maybe
haven’t had a shower or bath in a week or two.

“be kind, tenderhearted, forgiving one another as
Christ has forgiven you…”

kindness takes so little effort.
i’ve kept my children’s homeless friends
on our couches. helped the neighbor lady whose
husband is dying. helped single mothers who are
working at subway or walmart or mcdonald’s, standing
on their feet every day. and going home to feed their
own children. i just stick a $20 tip in their hands.
smile at them as if they are the most beautiful creatures
on earth, and remind them God loves them.

oh, i miss it a lot of times. i fail. have to go next
door to apologize for my lack of compassion. it seems
i have to ask someone’s forgiveness almost every day,
but it just paints a new chance at building a bridge.

we do one of two things with everyone we meet:
we build a wall or a bridge. i’m not sure about you,
but i want to build bridges. every day. with all who
pass my way.

be kind.
you never know who you
are entertaining. maybe
angels unaware.

and Jesus reminds us….
you clothe or feed or help
‘the least of these’, we are
doing it unto Him.


  1. A good reminder. Thank, Ann.

  2. Again, we are on the same wave-length...something happened today at Goodwill that is being affirmed by your lovely writing.Thank you...