Sunday, August 19

taylor's birth mom and her husband
drove into town and took me to lunch.
coming clear from missouri where they live,
en route to see family and other friends and
taylor in monterey bay. it was wonderful.
their love for me and taylor and their generosity
always touches me.

brock's birth mom flew into dallas,
and stayed with brandt's birth mom. she and
brock had time together. they even flew to another
southern town and bought a horse for her husband
where they live in florida.

colson is in maryland,
the manager of a mcdonald's,
and he is having to trust God for the
right place to live. some day, i hope he can
share a place with his birth mom in nashville,
and help her with her children.

brandt has been deployed to puerto rico
for six months, and he tells me he almost feels
guilty to be so fortunate to end up with warm
skies and the atlantic ocean instead of afghanistan,
the original destination. jasmine and the baby
are still here, two hours away. thankfully.

and my children and i spend hours
talking and sharing. laughing. sometimes
sober, and my trying to guide them, and
at times, now that they are grown, they try
to guide me.

i have four of the most wonderful sons on earth,
and it is all because Jesus led four, beautiful, selfless,
loving birth mothers to give them life and lay them
in my arms.

are you a couple, longing for a baby?
is infertility a big part of your sorrows?
give this all to Jesus. give your yearnings all
to Him, and let's watch the sunrise together as
He answers your prayers. remember, God promises
to never withhold anything good from us. rise above
the seeming hopelessness, and believe today.
believe, and wait. give God time.

i believe in miracles
because Jesus gave me four of them.
never ever give up!

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