Monday, July 1

"come to the water"

colson texted:
"being broke for a whole
month gets to you."   

the most important thing to
colson is his rent.  he's been
eating top ramen every day.
we were talking this afternoon,
and i was reminding him that
Jesus always comes through.

a very, very, very sweet angel
put money in his account.  unbe-
known to us. Jesus always,
somehow, in time, makes a way.
colson was craving a hot dog.
God took care of it.  i wept.
woohoooo for Jesus.

i plan to take amtrak to
monterey on tuesday.  taylor
is doing a photo shoot for the
cover of the reprint of  "seduced
by success."   last week,  his
partner, tony pinillos, took 98 different shots of me for
"i'm running to win."

taking my picture is one of
my least-favorite activities,
by the way.  i just suck it up
and pray; so much rather be out
changing the world for Jesus.

life really is NOT about us.
i only see me    
as a vessel...
and a very inept one at that.
today,  i accomplished almost
nothing.  saw so many co-dependent pieces about myself.
went to church, but somehow
lost my way in the middle of
the sermon.

i've earnestly prayed.. and
promised God i will do better

here are some children i try
to invest in. struggling situations.

"and Jesus says...
come to the water.
stand by my side.
I know you felt every tear that I cried.... and I'm here to remind you
that for your tears I died-.."

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