Wednesday, July 3

"call unto Me..."

i drove to sacramento
last night.  tom insists i sleep
with jan when i visit.

at 2:10 a.m.,
i stumbled out of bed
for the bathroom.  smashed
my sore toes into a wall....
and got back in bed, holding
jan's hand.  moaning. pain
makes me a baby.

67 yr. old women...
snuggled. side by side.
like third graders. talking.
squeezing hands.

"oh, ann, this is like
childhood.   like forever."

runners focused on
the Race.
you. me.  driven....but
not too much so because
we must try and find all we can
who will grab our hands  and
run with us to the Eternal City.

lift up your hands and sing. the highest...
hosanna  to the King!"

Jesus sent an angel along.
truly, a real one.
brock turned his apple
computer into a pawn shop for 
a week, to get money, and got
his car fixed..  taylor got an
extra day's work .  God's angel
dropped some cash into their
accounts.  completely stunning
us all.

"call unto Me and I will 
show you great and mighty
things you  know
unto Me. "

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