Monday, July 22

"hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah!
He is higher than we ever
could imagine...and closer
than our eyes could ever see...
He is magnificent....He alone
is one else as glorious
as He...."  10,000 reasons

jan is off the ventilator.
no brain damage.
they were able to suck
out all the food in her lungs.

one of you wrote:  warriors
enlisted.  praying.  oh, fellow
warriors, because of you, i
have seen a miracle.

it's 5am.
i'm still crying.
i sat on the edge of Jan's bed
in icu.  i read her every one of
your comments.  speaking your
names as i went. tears rolling
down my cheeks.

tom and i headed to the
hospital.  sobered with every
terror possible bubbling in our
thoughts.  jan. our jan.  a complete
vegetable?  i refused to cry.
reserving all emotion; gathering
strength to hold me upright in
prospect of the worst.

so many of you have heard
the worst.  lived through the
darkest.  please never believe
my struggles are more significant than
yours.   my black shadows
only draw me closer to you.

you must all know 
that jan and i have had our
petty struggles. our insecurities. with each other.
but everything in my life
was forever changed july 20-21.

whatever jan wants,
i want.  whatever she thinks,
i want to listen.  the hurtful
moments will always carry a
different hue of meaning.  to
see her on the ventilator,  her
face swollen and bruised.  i
am forever transformed by
the wonderful grace of Jesus.

her first words off the
ventilator were:
"lordy. lordy...i have to go
home today."  smile.

thank you.
every one.
beyond words.

"...may you have strength
to comprehend with all the
saints...what is the
breadth and length and height
and depth..
and to know the love of Christ
that surpasses knowledge..
that you may be filled with
all the fullness of God..."ephesians 3

we are not empty.
not alone.
thanks, warriors.
enlisted and ready.
thank you so!!!!


  1. God is faithful, able, and all powerful! I am thanking Him now for His goodness to Jan. I've heard someone say when you go through hell, you have to prosper, and I know Jan's destiny is abundance and prosperity. May He wrap His loving arms around you both~

  2. Once again...God showed up and made everything right!!!

  3. Hallelujah, Ann! We are rejoicing with you, and since I am currently 5000 miles from home to be with my own sister, hearing what you and Jan went thru is even more poignant! PRAISE GOD for HIS never ending mercies. Much love to you, Sandi

  4. Praises! Thank you for sharing this wonderful news!

  5. Absolutely amazing and wondrous. Yes the health care providers did some incredible work, but it was the Lord who did the healing and restoration.

  6. Remember, Zephaniah 3:17 "The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing." Listen closely for his singing! Christina

  7. I am an identical twin too. My sister and I just spent a girls weekend together, leaving the 7 kids we have with their daddies. I told her about you and Jan and about all your recent posts about her. I came home expectant and hoping to hear good news today. I praise God that she is ok. Praying.

  8. Ann as I pray for Jan and you.....I have loved you for more years than I can count.....I can practically recite your books.....please pray for my husband He had a stroke this afternoon....Its 4 Am and I just got home for a few hours but I had to check on Jan...

    Teresa Shreveport La

  9. I am thrilled to hear your wonderful news!!! Was thinking of you and praying for you last night, didn't know about this til this morning. Oh Ann I am so happy for you and Jan and her husband and children. GLORY to GOD!!!!

  10. Prayers for your husband Teresa!!