Monday, July 29

the sunday message
was delivered by a pastor
from israel.  "do you REALLY
want to change?"

there are prayers that scare me.
"Jesus, humble me."
"Lord, change, at any cost,
what doesn't please You in me."
"Jesus, take away or put into
 my life anything You desire."

i went forward at close of
service.  "don't return to your
seats until you know God has
changed  you."

"bless the Lord, oh, my soul...
oh my soul. worship
His Holy Name. sing like
never before, oh my soul.
i'll worship His Holy Name."
10 000 reasons

just ask Jesus today
if there is anything He wants to
change in you to make you
a more true warrior for Him

let's be bold.
all of us.
and see
what  kind of
army Jesus has in 

may this be the start
of a life-changing week
for all of us.

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